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Simone Borghi - OnlineAdditional Recording, Mixing
Artist: Simone Borghi
Song: Online
Standalone player
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Stefano Stefano
Stefano Olla :: Audio Engineer, Producer and Drum Programmer
NOW enginEARing
Assisting Grammy winning engineer and producer Dennis MacKay
in tracking Stanley Clarke's new upcoming album,
and attending Los Angeles' Winter NAMM SHOW 2014!
...latest projects I'm working on

Los Angeles based recording engineer, mixing engineer and Pro Tools operator, born in Cagliari in the glorious 1982. He tempts fate when in 1996 he buys his first (and last!) classical guitar, smartly replaced in 1999 by his first electric guitar.

His passion for music leads him, in 2000, to take private guitar lessons and sound engineering courses. Over time as his passion grows he starts tinkling with drums and bass.

Numerous experiences as stage sound engineer and studio assistant followed, leading him in 2004 to collaborate with Donato Begotti at the Pingo Studio in Milano (today Rock Guitar Academy) in the production of Private Lesson: Rhythm & Lead, a teaching method published by BMG Ricordi.

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