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Few HISTORIC updates (?!) - The EnginEAR @ 30 Jun
It's been long time from my last post in here, after all Los Angeles always leaves me a bit shocked...   
I DO promise you that I'm gonna delve a little deeper on what I'm actually working on (some new projects cooking, a few of which are going to require a little more incubation before I can spill the beans!).

In the meantime I invite you to take a look at some updates my (little, tender, sweeeet ) website's just gave birth to:
- UPDATED DISCOGRAPHY: just added my last works (in studio and beyond!) with Lowlands, Simone Borghi and Linda Valori, Ivan Battistella, Carmelo Febbo and Alessia D'Andrea. Take a look

- NEWS IN HOME PAGE: not just the new pictures that started to show randomly up in home page, but also the new "NOW enginEARing" box that will constantly give you FLASH news about the projects I'm working on in this very moment!

Hang on, more news coming soon...

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