As a mixing engineer I'm used to work with clients from all over the world via the Internet, sharing files and sessions (BIG sessions too!) through private FTP Servers and reserved HTTP hostings.
Want to know if my sound could be good for your album?
Click on SAMPLES  
...and give a ear to my meaningful studio works!

Want to know how to send me your project?
I usually work on Pro Tools. In case you are coming from other DAWs the best and safest way to send me your song is to sync all the tracks to the beginning of the song and have them exported as a WAV or AIFF file, with a bit depth of 24bit and a 44.1Khz or 48Khz sampling rate.

Working with tape decks?
No problem at all. Contact me to get all things up and running.

Want to get an idea of mixing rates?
Take a look at the recording studios I work in and related mixing rates, and contact me to get whole-project quotes!

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